About Us

Each year we design, build, test, and race a new mini-baja car. This new car must exceed the specifications set forth by the Society of Automotive Engineers. We start the design process by designing an entirely new frame, suspension, steering, drive train, paneling, etc. During this process we gain valuable experience in computer aided design programs such as autodesk inventor. Before the designs go to the shop however, the car goes through its first round of testing in ANSYS software. After the extensive effort of designing our vehicle we then build the car in our own lab. This process involves everything from cutting, bending, coping, and welding each frame member to tuning the engine.

After the building process is complete begins testing and racing our new design. At the end of each year we take our car to a Society of Automotive Engineer competition and push our car to its limits. Each competition has multiple parts from the design and marketing presentation to the dynamic events and then finally the endurance race. The dynamic events are built to test different sub-systems of our car. The dynamic events in the competitions are acceleration, maneuverability, sled-pull, and suspension. After this we take part in a four hour endurance race that is meant to break our vehicle.

We are proud of our designs and our labor, however, we need help for our concepts to become realities each year. This is involves extensive fundraising that begins well before we line-up for any staring line. This year is we are setting up to expand our team and have set forth the most enthusiastic goals yet. We are going to two competitions this year in Pittsburg, Kansas and Peoria, Illinois.

If you have any questions about joining or wish to contact our team feel free to email us at siubaja@gmail.com. Our weekly meeting times are from 6:00 to 7:00 in room D0030 in the engineering building at SIUC during spring and fall semester.